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» Upcoming events - check calendar often, as things DO change!
9/23 Volunteers needed, 11a-2p Sunday, Glen Doherty Foundation 6th Annual, (Sunday) 5k/10k Road Race - T507 Water/cheering station @70 Church Street.
9/24 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Agenda TBD
9/24 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Night orienteering - ***BRING FLASHLIGHT***
10/1 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Presentation of Purposes of Knots. Patrol break-out (knots up to First Class)
10/3 Troop Committee Meeting, October 3, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. - One parent for EVERY Scout should plan to attend!
10/6 MassJam "Camporee" - thousands of Scouts, three days of Scouting fun, exhibits, comradrie...
10/8 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - It's All About Knots! Practice Knots, show knots, and knot relays.
10/15 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Presentation of purposes of lashings. Patrol break-out to practice lashings.
10/22 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Court of Honor
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Troop Committee Meeting scheduled, Wednesday October 3rd

We know everyone is busy, but please be advised that a PARENT "Troop Committee" meeting will be Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 6:45  p.m. at Crawford UMC.  We will do a recap of Rick's Fall Festival, and go over planning for the upcoming program year. 
As usual, at least one parent from each family should attend.  Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!!
Service Project - Help Unload Pumpkins for The Pumpkin Patch - October 13,2018
The Second Congregation Church of Winchester could use some help unloading the tractor-trailer full of pumpkins for their Pumpkin Patch. The Pumpkins are scheduled to arrive on Saturday, October 13, 2018. There will be donuts, fruit, juice, hot cocoa, and coffee around 7:30 a.m. before we start unloading.  Unloading will take several hours so come when you can, and stay as long as you're able.  The Church is located at 485 Washington Street in Winchester (corner of Washington and Kenwin Streets).

Boy Scout Troop 507, Winchester, MA has been instilling timeless values, preparing youth for life since 1932.  Currently Troop 507 is a mid-size unit of 40+ active and committed boys.  The troop focuses on fun and friendships, but also does its best to:

1. Develop personal skills and growth
2. Develop leadership skills
3. Enjoy and understand the outdoors
4. Challenge Scouts through advancement
5. Develop and understand the ideals of Scouting
6. Provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for learning
7. To have youth-planned and run activities

Troop 507 seeks to recruit all interested boys who have completed the fifth grade, or who are 11 years but not yet 18 years old. Not all Boy Scouts were former Cub Scouts or are from WInchester.  Troop 507 is proud of its diverse membership and knows no boundaries of race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, economic status, family structure, physical or mental ability.  This nondiscrimination policy conforms with that of our sponsoring organization, Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church, and the 7/19/2001 publicly adopted policy of our local Scout Council which oversees 12,000+ area youth.  Troop 507 provides regular training in youth protection and diversity for youth and adults.

During the school year, Troop 507 has a  meeting every Monday night, from 6:45 to 8:15 pm.  Scouts are expected to wear Class "A" (uniform shirt, pants, neckerchief) to all meetings, and bring the Boy Scout Handbook, pen, paper and notebook for proper handling of Troop 507 business and advancement record keeping.  We meet at:

Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church
34 Dix Street (corner of Church/Dix Streets)
Winchester, MA  01890


If you are interested in our Cub Scout program, go to: