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» Upcoming events - check calendar often, as things DO change!
9/23 Volunteers needed, 11a-2p Sunday, Glen Doherty Foundation 6th Annual, (Sunday) 5k/10k Road Race - T507 Water/cheering station @70 Church Street.
9/24 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Agenda TBD
9/24 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Night orienteering - ***BRING FLASHLIGHT***
10/1 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Presentation of Purposes of Knots. Patrol break-out (knots up to First Class)
10/3 Troop Committee Meeting, October 3, 2018 at 6:45 p.m. - One parent for EVERY Scout should plan to attend!
10/6 MassJam "Camporee" - thousands of Scouts, three days of Scouting fun, exhibits, comradrie...
10/8 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - It's All About Knots! Practice Knots, show knots, and knot relays.
10/15 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Presentation of purposes of lashings. Patrol break-out to practice lashings.
10/22 Monday Troop Meeting, 6:45PM gathering - Court of Honor
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Forms and Documents

Troop 507 - Trip Forms
  Expense Reimbursement Form
  September Camping trip - THE ADVENTURE PARK, STORRS, CT Coordinator: Rick Marks
Youth Forms
  BSA Youth Application Form
Adult Forms
  Merit Badge Counselor Application
  BSA Adult Application Form
  Merit Badge Counselor Info Form - Everything you need to know!!!!
Other "Official" BSA Forms
  Medical - Includes Part A, B, C
  Official LInk to National BSA Forms... you name it, it is there!
  Uniform Inspection Sheet
TL Storer Summer Camp
  Summer Camp and Medical Forms
  Packing list for summer camp
  Map of T.L. Storer Scout Camp
Troop 507 - Trip Forms
  Trip Coordinator's Guide
  Local Tour Permit
  Master Packing List - for all seasons & outings
  Patrol Menu Planner
  Grubmaster shopping list
  Duty Roster Assignments
Tree Pickup Drive
  Scout Order Form
  Parent and Volunteer Preference Request (Jan 2018)
  Poster Coupon (Jan 2018 pickup)
  Mail-to-Scout Order Form (Jan 2018 pickup)
  Customer Reminders (Jan 2018 pickup)

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